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We aim at constructing an intelligent socio-technical system that solves real-world problems by human-machine collaboration

Services computing

Research and develop new effective Web services

Language resources

Use technologies to create language resources, especially for endangered languages

Collaboration technology

Develop technologies to support intercultural and multilingual collaboration

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Language Sphere
This project semi-automatically creates bilingual dictionaries among various Indonesian ethnic languages to save these endangered languages.
Language Grid
The Language Grid is a multilingual service platform which enables easy registration and sharing of language services such as online dictionaries, bilingual corpora, and machine translators.
Intercultural Collaboration support For Children(IC4C) is a project to research and develop collaboration tool for the children to communicate and collaborate across the language boundary.
Multilingual Studio
Multilingual Studio is a set of APIs for using the multi-language functions provided by the Language Grid, such as back translation, text-to-speech, multi-hop translation and so on.

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