Laboratory Life

We organised a joint barbeque with the Cognitive Engineering Laboratory!
Date: September 25th, 2023


As summer vacation ended, our laboratory decided to have fun before the new semester began by holding a joint barbeque with the Cognitive Engineering Laboratory! 🍖

It was held at Beer Garden FIVE in Kusatsu, Shiga, near the famous Lake Biwa. Because the beer garden was far and we had so many people, we decided to charter a bus to bring us to and from the location. The trips to and from the location were full of lively conversations as everyone chatted not only with the ones sitting next to them, but they were able to get to know many others even from different laboratories!

Once we arrived, what followed was an all-you-can-eat Japanese-style barbeque and also it was all you can drink! We quickly went and grabbed all the food we wanted - meat, vegetables, fish and other seafood, fishcakes, nuggets - and the cooking began! Drinks ranged from non-alcoholic soda and juice to beer and cocktails. For 3-4 hours, everyone ate their fill and ended their meals with fruits and ice cream.

Before going home, we ended the day with a fun and thrilling game of bingo! The event team in our laboratory had prepared prizes beforehand, ranging from snacks to an Amazon Gift Card and even anime figures. Finally, we took the bus back to the station and everyone left with their stomachs full and their spirits high~

Now, we are ready to face the new semester!