Laboratory Life

A programming course for 1st and 2nd grade students was held at Ikuei Nishi Junior High School.
Date: March 24th, 2023
Location: Ikuei-Nishi junior high school


Programming courses were held for first and second year junior high school students.
For first-year junior high school students, we had them create a “Nail Game" using Scratch, a visual programming language. Most of the students were a little confused at first, as this was their first experience with programming, However, as they got used to the game, they taught each other, and when the game didn't work, they tried rearranging the blocks by themselves. I was impressed by their active participation.
For the eighth graders, we also had them work on creating a slot game called “Animal Slot" using JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. The lesson was challenging, using three programming languages, but it was impressive to see their efforts understand the lecture. Whenever the students created a function, they would say, "It works! “ "I did it!”. I would be very happy if this opportunity could spark their interest in programming even a little!